New Lawyer Going Solo? Here's the Playbook to Land Your First Clients

By Peter Clarke, JD on August 15, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Newly minted lawyers are hanging their own shingles at a much higher rate than ever before. While some law schools have started offering courses on the practical business skills for running a firm as a result of this increase, the ivory tower is a bit too far removed from the real world to teach real client acquisition strategies. When push comes to shove, without clients, you can't practice law, and paying the bills is going to be even harder.

But you went to law school to become a legal professional, not a legal marketing professional. Luckily, the Lawyer Marketing team here at FindLaw has put together a free playbook to help you resolve this very issue: Client Acquisition Strategies for Solo Practitioners. If you're about to start your own practice, or have already started, it's never too late to do some fine tuning to your marketing strategies -- especially with a little help from a leader in online legal marketing for small firms.

Your Brand Matters to Potential Clients

Everyone knows the logos for brands like Nike, McDonalds, and Starbucks. Branding is important. Even if your personal brand doesn't achieve the Nike level of market dominance, it can be a big help with local marketing and inspiring client confidence.

FindLaw's playbook, Client Acquisition Strategies for Solo Practitioners, explains that having consistent branding online can double the likelihood of converting a potential client that finds you online. It can teach you how and why to create the consistent branding that clients are looking for in a law firm. For example, if you work in family law, you'll want your website and marketing materials to project empathy and stability. This is branding that goes well beyond simply displaying a flashy logo.

DIY Marketing in the Digital Age

Lawyer marketing has evolved quite a bit. Now a client's first impression of a potential attorney isn't through a face-to-face meeting, or even a phone call: it's online. This means a potential client's first impression is a digital one. And just like you learned in grade school, first impressions matter.

But even if you develop a stunning online presence, how do you find your advantage? After all, the internet is full of competent lawyer websites. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to ensure that your online presence stands out.

How do you learn these strategies? Start with FindLaw's new playbook. Download a free copy and then get back to doing what you do best: practicing law.

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