New Book on RBG's Workout -- With Illustrations

By William Vogeler, Esq. on June 08, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

When the U.S. Supreme Court begins its next session in October, the first question from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to her colleagues could be: "Did you read my new book?"

"The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong ... And You Can Too!" hits the bookstores Oct. 3. The 84-year-old justice did not write the book, but she is the star. Her trainer put it together with her permission, of course.

"A very important part of my life is my personal trainer," Ginsburg said.

With Illustrations

Bryant Johnson, who also trains Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, wrote the illustrated guide. It features a twice-weekly regimen that has worn out curious reviewers.

"I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout. It Nearly Broke Me," so said the headline on Ben Schreckinger's story about his experience with the one-hour workout.

Her routine has been described before in the "Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg," but the new account focuses on details.

The book includes illustrations by Patrick Welsh, showing how Ginsburg does her exercises. They judiciously reveal the judge in her black robes, purple leggings and sneakers.

Twice a Week

Here's a sample of the RBG workout from past reports:

  • A warm up with 5 minutes on the elliptical, followed by light stretching
  • Machine bench pressing 70 pounds, three sets of 10-13 reps
  • Leg curls, leg presses, chest flies, lat pull-downs
  • Three sets of seated rows, followed by three sets of standing rows
  • One-legged squats, 10 for each leg, 20 push-ups
  • Planks, 30-seconds three times over with 12-pound dumbbell curls
  • Squatting on an upside-down BOSU and
  • Tossing a medicine ball while alternating between a seated and standing position

Don't know about you, but I'm getting tired just thinking about it. Maybe I'll just get some popcorn and watch the Wonder Woman movie.

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