Netflix Went Global in 8 Years: Here's How

By George Khoury, Esq. on October 17, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The popularity of Netflix, globally, is unrivaled. When it comes to subscription-based streaming services, Netflix has achieved Pinky and the Brain levels of global domination (though notably you need Hulu to watch that epic cartoon).

But Netflix didn't deploy trickeration nor hairbrained plots developed in a laboratory by mice bent on world domination. Rather, it was just solid international business tactics that led the company into 190 different countries in only 8 years. A recent Harvard Business Review profile explained how, and you can read some of the key takeaways below.

Country Specific Knowledge

Netflix didn't just force the same ham sandwich upon every country. It took the idea of their ham sandwich and researched each nation they planned to open up digital-shop in, both deeply and broadly. It made sure it was in the know when it came to a country's politics, institutions, regulations, technical requirements, cultural mores, customer preferences" and more.

There was nothing cookie cutter about Netflix's international roll out, as it knew that the product they sell depends quite a bit on regional competition as well as the regions entertainment preferences. It had to get local to go global.

Building Upon the Global Knowledge Base

Netflix didn't just research the countries that it planned to enter, it also looked at how the company's entrance into each non-U.S. market went along the way. It analyzed what went right and what went wrong, and why. Then course corrected for the next new market launch.

Nothing Revolutionary

As the Harvard Business Review makes clear, what Netflix did to get where it is today is nothing short of simply employing solid, tried and true international business tactics, without cutting corners. It partnered with local content producers and created content for specific regions, and even partnered with telecoms and other regional service providers and manufacturers. Netflix basically did everything it could to make sure its services would be well received in each market.

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