Nat'l Nude Day: Let It All Hang Out With Our Top 10 Nudist Notes

By Brett Snider, Esq. on July 14, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In celebration of National Nude Day today -- not to mention Nude Recreation Week -- Legally Weird is letting it all hang out.

We're going to show you the family crown jewels in our naked and nude archive, and show that while nudity may not be shameful, it can leave you legally exposed.

Check out our Top 10 real-life legal notes for nudists before you strip down:

  1. Driving topless is probably OK. Indecent exposure laws are different in many states, but most will allow drivers of either gender to drive topless. (No nip slips in Utah, though.)

  2. Driving pantsless ... maybe not. You may be able to drive pantsless as long as you have undies on, but when you start baring your genitals, things might get hairy (legally speaking).

  3. Naked events are hard to pull off. Pennsylvania fright-loving nudists had to put undies on after a naked haunted house was shuttered. Blame the various legal liabilities.

  4. Naked bike rides seem OK... They happenall over the country, and most don't seem to cross the lines of their localities' laws.

  5. ... But "naked" clothing might be barred. A shirt or even an apron that simulates a nude body may make you persona non grata at the next public event for showing "obscene" material.

  6. Nudist resorts are generally legal on private land. Private events like the nudist "Bare Beach Beer Bash" minimize legal concerns by being hosted by a resort on private land.

  7. The NYPD is OK with bare boobs. The New York Police Department has clarified that officers are not supposed to arrest women simply for being topless in public in the Big Apple (though you may have to be patient with officers who apparently didn't get the memo).

  8. Don't let nude strangers use your pool. This isn't "Lady In the Water," so if a nude woman appears and asks to use your pool, something fishy is probably going on -- like her accomplices robbing you blind while you're distracted.

  9. Don't pose and photograph naked children. While you may be able to convince some that nude photos of your underage children are just family photos from the ol' nudist colony, you aren't likely to succeed if they are in sexually suggestive poses.

  10. Naked pics for revenge can be considered a crime. Revenge porn is illegal in more and more states now, so if you have naked pics of your ex or current, don't share them. And certainly don't try to steal naked pics.

The human body is a beautiful thing. But the naked legal truth is: What you do with it may not be so smiled upon.

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