National Beer Day: 5 Uses for Leftover Law School Party Beer

By William Peacock, Esq. on April 07, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

On the great list of party fouls, wasting beer is not at the top of the list. No, expelling bodily fluids in inappropriate places, or spilling beer on people and/or furniture ranks far higher. Nonetheless, at every great law school party, there are those who cannot finish their beers. And when morning clean up time arrives, the forgotten and abandoned brews are typically wasted, as no one wants to drink flat beer.

Worry and waste not. In honor of National Beer Day, we bring you a list of uses for leftover beer, whether opened or unopened, canned, cupped, or kegged.

5. Beer Floor Polish

Ever notice how shiny and nice the wood bar looks at your local watering hole? What's their secret?

Flat beer is apparently, per Lifehacker, a great polish for wood furniture. Take that leftover beer, pour it on a soft cloth and wipe away. You might want to open the windows afterwards. Otherwise, your place will look and smell like your beloved dive bar.

4. Beer Bath

This is another weird, weird use that we'd love to hear about if any of you ever try it. Seriously, tweet us @FindLawLP if this actually works. tells the take of European Beer Spas, upscale joints that use hot mineral water and brews to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Philly Beer Scene recommends using beer for a footbath. And Yahoo Australia's Lifestyle recommends dumping a can in your bath.

We know the perfect, cheap, and undrinkable beer that would work perfectly for such wasteful purposes. Or, grab a few of last night's orphaned beers off of the floor. Just take a real shower afterwards -- heading to torts smelling like a keg is a quick way to jumpstart the rumor mill.

3. Beer Shiny Hair

Dry hair? InStyle suggests soaking it in beer, then letting you hair air dry before washing and conditioning as usual. The maltose and sucrose makes hair shiny by tightening hair cuticles.

2. Beer Can Chicken

A redneck's delight, you take a half-drank beer can, then stuff it up a chicken's keister, after adding a few of Food Network's recommended spices. Roast that sonofagun on a grill, while having yourself another Budweiser, and you got yourself a perfectly roasted chik'n. Just don't ask them city boys at the Huffington Post, with their science and stuff -- they aren't fans.

1. Beer Battered Everything

Who knows good food better than Paula Deen and Guy Fieri? She has a recipe for Beer Battered Fish and Chips, while he has a much more complicated recipe for onion rings. Either way, leftover law beer becomes fried food.

We're probably missing something on the list. What do you do with last night's leftover beer? Share your suggestions with us on Twitter.

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