Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe File for Divorce

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on September 24, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Celebrity divorces are so common that there is an entire Celebrity Justice category just for this very occurrence. The latest couple to hit the matrimonial chopping block? Nancy Wilson has filed for divorce from her husband of over twenty years, filmmaker Cameron Crowe. The Oscar-winning director and songstress have 10 year-old twins together.

According to Celebrity Circuit, Nancy filed for divorce citing the oh-so-popular irreconcilable differences as the reason for the surprise split. Although irreconcilable differences can mean anything, there has been very little industry speculation behind the actual reason for the divorce. The papers, filed on September 16, did note that the couple have been separated since 2008 -- a fact that was unknown to many. But there is a big difference between being separated and severing all legal ties through a divorce.

As the lead singer and guitarist of the band Heart, Nancy's hit song "Alone" catapulted the group into stardom. Now she is getting her wish. Wilson is seeking joint physical and legal custody of the couple's two young children. Wilson is also seeking spousal support from Crowe.

As with every high-stakes divorce, when children and money are involved the divorce becomes infinitely more complicated, and can take much longer than a typical divorce to sort through all the issues. The fact that the couple has already been separated for over two years may help ease the transition to divorce. In most separation situations, couples use the time to work through many of the issues they will encounter if they choose to ultimately file for divorce. This is especially true when a couple is already living their separate lives. For Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe only time and TMZ will tell whether this divorce will get ugly.

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