Naked Randy Travis Arrested for DWI in Texas

By Andrew Lu on August 08, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

An allegedly naked Randy Travis was arrested for a DWI in Texas last night after getting into a single car accident, CBS News reports.

The arrest was sadly not so surprising as the country singer was arrested earlier this year on another alcohol-related charge.

However, the details of this most recent arrest are quite shocking. Witnesses say Randy Travis was buck naked at the accident scene, and officers say Travis also threatened them with violence.

In Randy Travis' naked arrest, he was charged with driving while intoxicated and is currently in jail without bond pending an appearance before a judge, reports CBS. The 53-year-old singer also faces charges of retaliation or obstruction, as Travis allegedly threatened to "shoot and kill" the arresting officers as he was being taken to jail, gossip website TMZ reports.

Travis suffered minor cuts and bruises in the accident. Maybe he bumped his head too, as that could explain why he would allegedly strip down and threaten the cop.

In Texas, it is a third degree felony to threaten harm to a police officer during arrest. By comparison, had Travis kept his mouth shut and merely resisted arrest by kicking and pushing, he would likely only have faced a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest. If convicted of a third degree felony, Travis could possibly face between two and 10 years in jail.

Randy Travis' naked DWI arrest serves as a reminder that drivers can face a variety of other charges as a consequence of alleged drunken driving. If you injure someone, you could face very serious assault charges. And if you strip naked and act like a buffoon, you could face felony obstruction charges.

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