Naked Mom Ate Ice Cream, Ditched Kids After Car Crash

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on June 20, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A car crash on a hot day in Texas led to a hot-headed woman's arrest. But not before she allegedly ditched her kids at the crash scene ... to eat some ice cream and strip naked.

Police arrested Stephanie Dillard, 34, on suspicion of child endangerment after she allegedly crashed her car into a city bus, Houston's KPRC-TV reports.

Dillard's 5-, 12-, and 16-year-old children were along for the ride when the crash happened. But for some reason, Dillard got out of her smashed-up car and walked away from the scene, leaving her kids all alone.

When police arrived at the crash site, they found Dillard's three children a bit shaken from the crash. The 5-year-old had suffered a cut over one eye.

The kids' mother seems to have suffered something else, but police aren't sure what. Officers found Stephanie Dillard at a nearby CVS/pharmacy drugstore, where she was eating ice cream. She had also stripped naked. (After all, it was 93 degrees that day in Houston, New York's WNBC-TV helpfully points out.)

When police tried to arrest Dillard, she allegedly put up a fight. She is now in jail, with bail set at $2,000, KPRC reports. Her children are now in their grandmother's custody.

The cause of Stephanie Dillard's breakdown isn't yet known. But in some states, if a sudden medical emergency like a stroke causes an accident, the driver generally can't be held liable for the crash. However, that's not the case if a driver knew of her condition and failed to take proper medication.

Some online commentators are also speculating about the possible use of drugs like bath salts, which can raise a person's body temperature. "I'm glad she ate ice cream and not someone's face," one person wrote on WNBC's website.

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