Naked Man Steals Fire Truck, Kills Pedestrian

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on February 28, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A South Carolina man could face multiple charges after he allegedly stole a fire truck for a naked joyride -- then struck and killed a pedestrian, police say.

The naked man, Kalvin Hunt, 26, of Sumter, S.C., was taken to a hospital after he crashed the fire truck and was pinned inside, the Associated Press reports. The pedestrian, Justin N. Miller, 28, of Port Royal, S.C., died at the scene.

Firefighters and medics were responding to a separate emergency a few miles away when Hunt, already naked, somehow climbed into a fire truck and drove off, the AP reports.

Kalvin Hunt, while naked, allegedly crashed the fire truck into several vehicles before striking Justin Miller, witnesses say. Miller had stepped off the sidewalk to pick up something in the road, The Beaufort Gazette reports.

After striking Miller, the fire truck crashed into a group of trees. Paramedics pulled Hunt from the wreckage -- after which, Hunt allegedly got in a fight with two police officers, according to the Gazette.

Once Kalvin Hunt is released from the hospital, he will likely be charged with resisting arrest, along with assault and battery on an officer, police told the Gazette.

Hunt could also face potential charges of theft for allegedly stealing the fire truck, and homicide for the death of Justin Miller. Under South Carolina law, Hunt could face a reckless homicide charge for a death caused by reckless driving. Or, if it's proven that Hunt was intoxicated, he could be charged with a DUI-related vehicular homicide.

Further, Hunt could eventually face a civil lawsuit for wrongful death by Miller's relatives.

As with other naked suspects, Hunt's mental state may be called into question, which may entitle him to a not-guilty verdict or a less severe punishment if he's convicted of a crime. The cause of Kalvin Hunt's naked fire truck crash is under investigation.

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