Naked Man Found Sleeping in CA Woman's Bed

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on August 10, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's always nice to see neighbors helping neighbors. But a California man's idea of a neighborhood watch somehow ended with him naked in his female neighbor's bed, police say.

Cops arrested Konstantin Khazin, 25, a native of Ukraine who lives in San Diego, after his neighbor called police about 1 a.m., San Diego's KNSD-TV reports.

Khazin's neighbor apparently returned home late, to the unexpected sight of Khazin naked in her bed. She ran out of the apartment and called police.

But in a strange twist, Khazin allegedly told police his in-the-buff bed-sitting was actually meant to prevent crime.

The naked bed-sitter's story goes like this: He allegedly heard a noise coming from his neighbor's apartment, which he claims was unlocked. So he went inside to investigate, according to KNSD.

For some reason, he then decided to take off his clothes and get into his neighbor's unoccupied bed.

Why did Konstantin Khazin stay in the woman's apartment after making sure everything was OK? Because "when a person goes into someone's house, he should let them know he is there," is how KNSD described Khazin's statement to police.

The man also said he didn't want his neighbor to think he was stealing from her, according to police.

None of these explanations really help to clarify why Khazin decided to disrobe. Police have ruled out drug and alcohol use.

They've also determined Khazin did not intend to commit a sex crime when wound up naked in his neighbor's bed. Khazin will likely face charges of prowling, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. That's a form of disorderly conduct in California, punishable by fines and jail time.

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