Naked Bodybuilder Arrested After Savage 'Roid Rage' Beatings

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on December 06, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A burly naked bodybuilder who tried to muscle his way into a couple's home is behind bars in connection with a brutal beating.

Ruben Arzu, 22, who weighs about 300 pounds, was likely on steroids when he attacked a married couple outside their home in Colton, Calif., police told The San Bernardino County Sun.

The couple found Arzu naked on their front porch when they returned home just before midnight Saturday. While the wife ran inside to call 911, the husband confronted the naked bodybuilder.

Arzu was no match for the 35-year-old husband, who suffered major head injuries. Arzu then lifted the 34-year-old wife off the ground and bodyslammed her, causing deep cuts to her head and injuries to her face.

The couple is being treated at a hospital. Their 10-year-old son, who witnessed the attacks, was not hurt.

Neighbors came to the rescue and cornered the naked bodybuilder until police pulled up. Officers used a stun gun -- twice -- to subdue Arzu, and had to use four sets of handcuffs to restrain him, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Some neighbors shared their reactions to the naked bodybuilder beating with KABC-TV:

Arzu is expected to be charged with attempted homicide and aggravated mayhem.

To be found guilty of attempted homicide, prosecutors must show Arzu intended to kill his victims, and took direct action toward that goal. In his defense, Arzu's could try to argue he only intended to hurt, not to kill. 

As for the charge of aggravated mayhem, that's just another phrase for aggravated assault. While "aggravated" usually implies the use of a weapon, it can also be used when the perpetrator's intent is to cause severe harm, or when victims' injuries are severe.

Arzu is now awaiting his day in court, when we expect the naked bodybuilder will at least be wearing a jailhouse uniform.

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