MySpace Removes Convicted Sex Offender John Gardner

By Kamika Dunlap on April 09, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

MySpace has a zero tolerance policy against registered sex offenders and recently enforced it by removing the user profile of convicted sex offender John Gardner.

The social networking company worked with the FBI to delete the user profile of John Gardner, who is accused of raping and murdering San Diego teenager, Chelsea King, the Associated Press reports.

John Gardner's Myspace account was shutdown because using a computer and using the internet to connect with others violated his terms of parole.

Gardner, a 30-year-old registered sex offender has pleaded not guilty to murdering Chelsea King, as previously discussed.

According to officials his account was set up in 2007, the profile of John Gardner lists the Playboy Mansion as his hometown and "CSI" and "Bones" among his favorite television shows.

The California Sex Offender Management Board is investigating further into the matter. As previously discussed, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered the 17-seat California state board to review Gardner's case but it has struggled with financial and logistical problems.

The board will be looking into whether Gardner, a convicted sex offender used the site while on parole and other parole oversight issues.

John Gardner is also a person of interest in a case involving the body of another San Diego teenager, Amber Dubois, 14, who disappeared a year ago. His last login was on Feb. 24, the day before Chelsea went missing.

In 2000, John Gardner pleaded guilty to committing a lewd act on a child. The victim was 13 at the time.

Currently, CA lawmakers are proposing a new law (AB 2208) that makes it illegal for registered CA sex offenders to use any social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace, as previously discussed.

Officials claim the Internet is the new playground for sexual predators looking for victims.

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