Monkey Hopped Up on Frosted Flakes Bites Woman

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on September 12, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Frosted Flakes aren't the right diet for a monkey and grumpy monkeys can bite. That's the lesson a woman in Paso Robles, California learned when her Javan macaque bit her several times.

The woman was hiding the monkey in her home and feeding it a diet of mostly Frosted Flakes and juice. That apparently wasn't the best choice.

But the worst choice was keeping the monkey in the first place. Now that woman not only has injuries, she's also the subject of a legal investigation, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Macaques aren't a common pet because it's illegal to own one. Unlike a dog or cat, these monkeys aren't domesticated and they can't really be made into house pets.

After all, you've seen Marcel on 'Friends,' rights? He was a temperamental monkey and no walk in the park.

The woman managed to keep the monkey a secret until her injuries forced her into the hospital. At that point staff figured out something was wrong and reported the incident to animal control, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Only certain animals are allowed to be kept as pets. States and local governments regulate what animals are permitted. Inherently dangerous species or ones that threaten natural populations are generally not allowed.

Monkeys and other undomesticated animals that can be dangerous are generally not permitted. They're definitely illegal in San Luis Obispo County were the macaque was found.

The monkey was taken to a conservation area where it is being quarantined, according to Gawker. It's probably also been weaned off its sugary diet.

The owner is being investigated for violating the local ordinance but at least she's not in trouble for mistreating her monkey. A diet of Frosted Flakes isn't healthy but it's not criminal either.

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