Mom Gets Son Arrested for Stealing Her Pop-Tarts

By Aditi Mukherji, JD on May 28, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The logical extension of "L'eggo my Eggo": Po-pos for Pop-Tarts. A woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, had her son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts, reports WCNC-TV. The scene of the crime is the woman's home -- probably by the toaster.

The report said that the boy was placed under juvenile arrest and was charged with misdemeanor larceny.

Details are sparse, leaving pressing questions unanswered. Was it a Strawberry, Cinnamon, or S'more Pop-Tart? If it's the Limited Edition Red Velvet or Wild Berry Bloom, one can only wonder whether he'll be charged as an adult. (Just kidding.)

In all seriousness, people might be wondering how this charge will affect the boy with a penchant for Pop-Tarts.

Unlike an adult criminal record, juvenile court records aren't public -- but that doesn't mean they're not accessible. The record can legally haunt a juvenile well into adult life, on job applications and rental agreements. While the details are private, the fact that you got convicted may not be.

Since the boy is only facing a misdemeanor larceny charge, even if he's convicted, his juvenile record might be expunged. Generally, a juvenile record can be expunged if the juvenile:

  • Waits the required amount of time,
  • Files the correct paperwork, and
  • Stays out of trouble.

In this case, to fulfill the last requirement, the boy might want to switch to granola bars.

Given people's reactions, perhaps the Pop-Tart bandit may not be convicted after all. A neighbor, who "could not stop laughing" when told about the Pop-Tart heist, described the young boy as "real respectful," according to WCNC. Unlike adult criminal proceedings, the overall goal of the juvenile justice system is to serve the best interest of the child.

When local news reporters camped outside the mom's house seeking comment, she reportedly "emerged only briefly to hurl an obscenity and then slammed the door," reports WCNC.

Don't worry, Pop-Tart Mom. Low blood sugar gets the best of all of us.

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