Model Estella Warren Arrested: Kicked Cops, Escaped Handcuffs

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on May 24, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Lingerie model Estella Warren was arrested for kicking a police officer, escaping from custody, driving under the influence, and for fleeing the scene of a three-car accident in Los Angeles.

Warren is a former Canadian synchronized swimming star as well as the star of the 2001 movie, Planet of the Apes.

Police were alerted when a witness said they saw someone drive into a parked car. After responding, authorities found several other cars had been hit by the same vehicle, reports the Toronto Sun. When officers caught up to Warren at her Los Angeles home, she behaved in an uncharacteristically un-model-like behavior.

First, the officers found that she was legally over the limit, as she failed a sobriety test, reports The Baltimore Sun. While officers were arresting the model, she kicked one officer close in the groin area (ouch).

Even more surprisingly, at the police station she then managed to slither out of her handcuffs and escaped out of a backdoor.

Warren must have been a bit of a Houdini (either that or she has really thin wrists), though apparently she did not escape fast enough, as she was recaptured, reports The Sun.

She was then brought back to the police station. Her bail is now set at$100,000.

Warren's actions likely caught the officers by surprise. Not only that, but by allegedly assaulting a police officer and then fleeing from custody, she only increased the amount of legal troubles she is now facing, as she has doubled the number of charges against her.

Estella Warren arrested - and escaping from custody - probably won't be doing her career any favors. But then, again, who knows? The model previously appeared in Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and Maxim.

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