Mila Kunis Stalker Waited Outside Her Gym, Broke Into Her Condo

By Edward Tan, JD on May 18, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A man previously arrested for stalking actress Mila Kunis has been arrested again for stalking her. Apparently, he just can't get enough.

Stuart Lynn Dunn, 27, has been charged with stalking and violating a restraining order, the Associated Press reports. Dunn was arrested on two other occasions for stalking the "Black Swan" star earlier this year. He was ordered to stay away from Kunis after he was found living in an empty condo owned by the actress. Earlier this month, Dunn was arrested again outside of Kunis' gym.

So what potential penalties await the star's alleged stalker?

First-time offenders can get up to a year in jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. Perpetrators can also be required to attend counseling. In California, stalking is defined as willful, malicious, and repeated harassment or following of another person.

For repeat offenders, like Dunn, the punishment can be much more severe. If there is a temporary restraining order already in place, violators can face from two to four years in prison. Since Dunn was already ordered by a judge to refrain from contacting Kunis, he could potentially get a much stiffer sentence.

Dunn is scheduled to be arraigned in Los Angeles on the two nw stalking-related felony charges. He's currently being held on $190,000 bail. Dunn doesn't appear to be represented by an attorney. Media attempts to find his lawyer were unsuccessful.

Mila Kunis has not issued a statement regarding the stalking incident yet. The actress has appeared in such films as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" The Book of Eli." She also provides the voice of Meg Griffin on the animated Fox television show "Family Guy."

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