Michael Jackson Estate: Man Seeks $3 Million for LA City Treasury

By Kamika Dunlap on January 15, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Jose F. Vallejos is the latest person to seek reimbursement from the Michael Jackson estate.

He is now among several of Jackson's former collaborators, attorneys and those who sold the pop singer goods or services and now look to be reinbursed.

According to the Associated Press, Vallejos is seeking $3.3 million for the city of Los Angeles from Michael Jackson's estate to cover the cost of the King of Pop's public memorial.

Court filings show Vallejos filed a creditor's claim for the money, claiming he is entitled to seek reimbursement as a taxpayer.

Vallejos' petition claims the estate benefited from the use of public resources that amounted to an illegal gift of public funds. The filing states the money should be returned to the LA city treasury.

The administrators of Jackson's estate will have to decide on the merits of paying out claims.

Notice of the need to file a creditor's claim in the estate of a person who has died must be printed in a legal advertisement giving notice of death. Afterward, a creditor only has a few months to file the claim, and it must be in a form approved by the courts.

It has been said that the city came out ahead after hosting the star-studded memorial broadcast. Also, a city report says the memorial was a $4 million boon.

But city leaders have wrestled for months over how to try to recoup some of the money from AEG Live, the entertainment giant that owns the Staples Center, but no resolution has been reached. The city paid millions of dollars in police overtime and sanitation costs for the memorial at Staples Center.

As previously discussed, the legal team and other administrators handling the King of Pop's affairs after death are also seeking millions in estate executor fees.

Since his death, the Michael Jackson estate has earned $100 million or more with the sale of rights to the concert film "This Is It," new music releases and merchandising agreements.




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