Michael Brown Homicide: 2 Police Reports Obtained by ACLU

By Brett Snider, Esq. on August 25, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

After filing a lawsuit over access to public records, the ACLU of Missouri has received a "heavily redacted" copy of the incident report on the August 9 shooting of Michael Brown.

This five-page document, released by the Ferguson Police Department, reveals few details about the events of the fatal shooting and lacks even a basic narrative. Tony Rothert, the Missouri ACLU's legal director, called on the Ferguson Police Department to release a complete copy of the incident report to "begin building public trust."

In addition to the report released by the Ferguson PD, the Missouri ACLU also received a document from the St. Louis County Police Department. The St. Louis County PD's incident report, all of two pages, does little more than confirm the identity of the reporting officer, Darren Wilson, the location of the shooting, and that the victim's name was Michael Brown.

Interestingly, the report's time-stamps also seem to indicate that it was typed up and approved less than a week ago -- well after the shooting took place.

MSNBC reports that prosecutors have declared that "no report, narrative, or details from the investigation will be released to the public" while the grand jury is still reviewing the case. As we blogged about in FindLaw's Blotter last week, the grand jury investigation is likely to last at least through September.

Until then, these paltry reports may be the only publicly available proof of the Ferguson and St. Louis County police departments' investigations into Michael Brown's homicide.

Michael Brown Shooting: Redacted Ferguson PD Incident Report by FindLaw

Michael Brown Shooting: St. Louis County PD Incident Report by FindLaw

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