Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are Illegal: Mich. Supreme Court

By Adam Ramirez on February 11, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Medical marijuana users in Michigan aren’t allowed to buy pot from businesses or other patients, Michigan’s highest court recently ruled. The ruling may shutter most of the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

In a 4-1 decision, the Michigan Supreme Court held that transfers of marijuana between two authorized medical marijuana patients are not legal. The high court upheld a 2011 state Court of Appeals ruling that said patient-to-patient sales of marijuana are illegal under the state’s medical marijuana law.

Marijuana dispensaries can be considered a “public nuisance,” according to the Supreme Court’s opinion. Enforcement since the appeals’ court decision has depended on the attitudes of local police and sheriff’s agencies.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Illegal: Mich. Sup. Court by

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