Medic Charged With Raping Woman in Ambulance

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on January 09, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Connecticut paramedic accused of raping an unconscious woman in an ambulance is due back in court next week. Mark Powell, 49, of North Haven, Conn., turned himself in Jan. 5 in connection with the alleged ambulance rape early Christmas Day, the Associated Press reports.

Powell was alone in the back of an ambulance with the 22-year-old woman, who had suffered a concussion at a holiday party about 3 a.m., police told the AP.

The woman woke up to find Powell raping her as the ambulance raced toward a hospital, police said.

The woman called police to report the ambulance rape after she was released from the hospital, the AP reports.

Powell faces charges of first-degree sexual assault and unlawful restraint. The sexual assault charge requires a lack of consent by the victim, which in this case is likely fulfilled by the victim's being unconscious.

Aside from criminal charges in the alleged ambulance rape, Powell could also later face a civil lawsuit brought by the victim. In rape cases, civil lawsuits can be used to recover the cost of counseling, medical care, and lost wages. They can also seek compensation for pain and suffering.

Police say Powell was the only person in the ambulance at the time of the alleged ambulance rape, aside from the victim and the driver. Only Powell is being charged, the AP reports.

Powell has been placed on administrative leave by his employer, American Medical Response, a private ambulance company. An AMR spokeswoman tells the AP it's standard to have only one medic in the back of an ambulance during transport.

Powell remains free after posting $25,000 bond in connection with the alleged ambulance rape. His next court date is set for Jan. 19.

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