Mazda6 Recall: 161K Sedans May Have Loose Screws

By Admin on October 02, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced a safety recall on Mazda6 sedans sold in the U.S. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this recall will affect Mazda6 vehicles from model years 2009 to 2013.

The recall is expected to begin by October 18, 2013. This is a safety recall that stems from possible issues with the screws that hold side doors in place in certain Mazda6 sedans.

What else do you need to know about this recall, and what should you do if your car is affected?

Concerns With Door Latch

According to the NHTSA, certain models of the Mazda6 sedans in model years 2009-2013 may have issues with the mounting screws in their door latches. If all three door latch mounting screws in those models become too loose, the door latch mechanism may fail to engage. This defect leads to the risk of the door opening while the vehicle is actually in motion, which increases the risk of accident or injury.

If Your Car is Affected

If you drive an affected Mazda, you especially have a right to recall remedies. Generally, recalls ordered or initiated by affected consumers start with a notice containing information on how to correct the problem.

In this case, Mazda will likely notify owners of the affected vehicles. If you're among them, you can then take your car in to a dealer who will then apply a thread-locking adhesive to your door screws and re-torque them. These repairs will all be free of charge.

If you aren't contacted by Mazda after the recall has begun on or around October 18, you can also contact Mazda at 1-800-222-5500 -- Mazda's reference recall number is 7013I.

Mazda owners may also contact the NHTSA with their concerns at their hotline, at: 1-888-327-4253, or visit

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