Matthew Broderick Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Trial Begins

By Minara El-Rahman on November 18, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The trial involving Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate mother has now officially started.

As reported by E! , the trial involves Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter who is charged with burglarizing the home of the surrogate mother. Mr. Carpenter allegedly broke in to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate's home in order to steal information regarding their twin babies to sell to tabloids.

Mr. Carpenter's alleged accomplice was another man involved with the law. His alleged accomplice is Bridgeport Sheriff Mr. Chad Dojack. Mr. Dojack's trial is slated to start in January. The mayor of Bridgeport's son Bruce Callarik has also been charged with complicity to receive stolen property.

Mr. Carpenter is now charged with multiple felonies including burglary and receiving stolen property.

According to the AP, a paparazzo has testifed that Mr. Carpenter told him he had ultrasound photographs of Sarah Jessica Parker's twin girls. He also testified that Mr. Dojack tried to sell him the surrogate mother's personal home address as well as her contact information for $1,000.

He also testified that Mr. Carpenter tried to sell him a belly cast of the surrogate mother. Mr. Carpenter did not have the items with him when he met the paparazzo, but he showed him a cell phone photo of the cast.

According to local news station WTOV9, the paparazzo Justin Steffman testified that he knew that Mr. Carpenter was serious with his claims to sell the items. He also testified that he felt that Mr. Carpenter acted arrogantly and aggressively. He is quoted as saying that Mr. Carpenter "acted like a bully." Mr. Steffman claims that his encounter with Mr. Carpenter left him scared and spurred him to contact the surrogate via her MySpace page in order to let her know what Mr. Carpenter was up to.

A forensic specialist later testified that Mr. Carpenter abused his law enforcement access to the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway website. Mr. Carpenter accessed the site in order to search for the surrogate mother's personal information. It is a site that is only supposed to be used for investigations by law enforcement officials. In essence, Mr. Carpenter abused his power as a law enforcement officer for his own personal gain.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick are not scheduled to appear in court. They did release a statement through their publicist that said: "Matthew and Sarah Jessica have complete faith in the legal system."

Let's see if justice will be served to people who are supposed to bring justice.

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