Master P's Wife Files for Divorce, Wants Custody of Kids

By Betty Wang, JD on October 18, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Master P and soon-to-be ex-wife Sonya Miller are reportedly parting ways. After 24 years of marriage, Miller has allegedly filed divorce papers, TMZ reports.

The rapper and his wife, who were just shy of their silver anniversary, currently have four minor children together and also are the parents of famous adult son, Romeo. Miller is asking for spousal support and also wants full custody of all their minor children.

What does this mean for the rap mogul and Miller? Here's a general overview: 

Types of Child Custody

Full custody, otherwise known as sole custody, is only one of the many types of child custody options available for divorcing parents. What are the types of custody that the rapper's children may be placed under?

  • Physical. When a parent has physical custody, this typically refers to whichever parent has the right to have the child live with him or her. This also entails the day-to-day duties of taking care for a child.
  • Legal. Legal custody refers to the right for a parent to make certain key legal decisions in a child's life, such as in his or her education, health care, religious instruction, and so forth. Typically, legal custody is awarded to both parents, unless the court finds one parent too unfit to assume this responsibility.
  • Sole. Sole custody refers to the exclusive right (both legal and physical) of a child. This is the type of custody that Sonya is attempting to seek out for her and her children which would ice out Master P.
  • Joint. Joint custody arrangements involve two types of shared custody -- either joint legal and physical custody, or just joint legal custody. Rarely is joint custody 50/50, however, for practical reasons.

Sole Custody in California

Since Sonya is attempting to claim sole custody, the court's decision will turn on a number of circumstances, namely an assessment of both her and Master P's parenting capacities. Sole custody will generally be rewarded to one particular parent if the court finds that the other parent is deemed unfit to care for the child or children. For example, if Master P is found to be abusive or has substance abuse issues, these would both be red flags.

However, the ease of obtaining sole custody will often vary by state, and sole custody is becoming rarer these days. In California, where the rapper resides, for example, there is no presumption in favor of joint or sole custody, but rather, the courts will instead focus on the best interests of the child. This may entail granting one parent slightly more custody or granting sole custody but with visitation rights.

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