Mark Sanchez Girlfriend: Eliza Kruger, 17, Linked to Jets QB

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 09, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Always good to start the New Year off right. And by right, I mean have an affair with a 17-year-old high school student.

At least that's what Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez must have been thinking on December 31st when he reportedly traded numbers with Eliza Kruger at a Manhattan club.

Deadspin has been taunting readers for days, revealing that they had asked the Jets for comment on an impending story about Mark Sanchez. A 17 year old girl was involved, which of course, put the gossip hounds at the ready. Today, Deadspin finally revealed the story. And it's more hilarious than scandalous.

The two met on News Year's Eve and hit it off, meeting up a few weeks later for a date. Though only 17, the wealthy financier's daughter didn't have a curfew, allowing her to head home to the slums of Jersey with Sanchez. After a delicious dinner at the upscale Nobu, Fox News reports that the two went back to the quarterback's place, where they proceeded to "hook up."

Apparently Eliza Kruger is not Mark Sanchez' girlfriend--she's just Mark Sanchez' 17 year old fling. Getting word that a story was coming out, Eliza Kruger's lawyers wrote to the site, informing them that they would take action should they report on the story. Oh, and that any pictures they may have in possession were illegally taken and violate copyright laws.

The pictures are probably the story's best part. Sanchez' home resembles the room of an eight year old football fan. And when I say fan, I mean fanatic--the kind of kid who plasters his walls in posters, collects those little "gifts" given out at games, and will probably never get laid. Unless he miraculously becomes a professional quarterback.

Every state differs as to its age of consent, with some going as high as 18. There are also restrictions regarding the age difference between both parties when one or both are not yet legal. It's possible to be tried for statutory rape when one party is 21 and the other is 16, even if the state places both above the age of consent.

Luck, however, was on the side of Mark Sanchez; 17 year old high school students are not off limits in New York or New Jersey. Even if you're 24.

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