Manafort Indicted Again, After Getting Sentenced Again

By George Khoury, Esq. on March 13, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

For Paul Manafort, things are going from bad to worse to even worse. After being sentenced in Virginia to 47 months, the federal court in D.C. sentenced him to 73 months, which will basically run concurrently.

However, in addition to the second sentence, Manafort was also indicted in Manhattan federal court in a mortgage fraud scheme. It is alleged that Manafort falsified business records to get millions of dollars in loans.

Another Sentence

The details of Manafort's sentence out of D.C. include one 60 month sentence that runs concurrently to the 47 he already received, and an additional 13 months, that will run consecutively, bringing the total up to 73 months.

At the sentencing, Manafort's pleas for leniency were met with an outraged Judge Jackson who blasted him for not showing any accountability or responsibility for what he had done. Judge Jackson stressed that this sentence isn't about the political grandstanding or Trump campaign collusion, but rather the crimes he was actually convicted on.

Another Indictment

The New York indictment, though a couple years in the making, was announced moments after the second sentence and includes 16 counts, and relate to Manafort's alleged misrepresentations in mortgage loan applications. The indictment lists a Howard St. condo and several unnamed but numbered individuals. It also specifically states that Manafort received, in aggregate, over one million dollars.

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