Man With Traffic Sign in Head Gets Pulled Over

By Andrew Lu on December 10, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Fortunately for 63-year-old Leslie Richard Newton, he was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and was somewhat dulled to the pain of having a traffic sign embedded in his head.

Unfortunately for the Florida driver, alcohol and drunken driving may have been the reason he had a sign in sticking out of his skull in the first place, reports the Miami New Times.

Florida Highway Patrol officers pulled over an erratically swerving Chevy Camaro near St. Augustine last week. As DUIs are a sad fact that troopers have to deal with every day, the officers may have expected something no different than the typical drunken driver.

So you can imagine their surprise when they pulled over Newton and discovered there was a street sign sticking out of his head.

It's not clear if it was the alcohol or the grievous head wound that led to Newton's erratic driving, but police say that he rammed a sign earlier that night and could not keep his car going straight.

Notwithstanding the injury, Newton was able to continue driving after the initial accident and even made it onto a different highway before troopers pulled him over. Had they not stopped him, Newton could have died from either a drunken driving accident or from the trauma to his head. Hospital staff called the injuries he suffered "life threatening," reports the New Times.

So let Leslie Richard Newton's case be an example for all drunken drivers out there: If you strike something or someone, pull over and don't drive off.

Hitting someone or something while driving drunk is bad. However, hitting someone or something while driving drunk, and then driving off with a sign embedded into your skull is, well, something far worse.

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