Man Takes Bus, Puts the Joyride Video on YouTube

By Kamika Dunlap on November 20, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A former employee allegedly stole his ex-employer's bus, took it for a joyride and then put a video of the joyride on YouTube for all to enjoy, including the cops.

Jacob Rehm's, four-minute video titled, "The Fabulous Bus Ride" has almost 30,000 views so far the video sharing site YouTube.

When questioned about his actions, Rhem said he felt inspired.

Prosecutor Todd Shove said filming a crime and posting the video on YouTube is unusual.

Rehm was charged with theft of services, operating a vehicle without owner consent and trespassing. He entered a not guilty plea on all three counts.

He does not deny he went for the youride or posted the video on YouTube.

On the video, the bus is parked by a roadside and Rehm is seen in the driver's seat as it travels down a road.

The former bus driver for Lamoille Valley Transportation, took the bus from the company's depot Nov. 2, the Associated Press reports. He was accompanied by friend Natalie Page, 38, headed south toward Allentown, Pa., but turned around in Connecticut after he realized the $200 worth of diesel he had bought wouldn't get them to Pennsylvania and back to Vermont.

Police caught Rehm in northern Vermont after the company's owners were told he had been seen driving through a schoolyard waving at children.

At his arraignment Tuesday, Rehm told the judge in Vermont District Court in Hyde Park that it was not premeditated.

Joel Prive, general manager of Lamoille Valley Transportation, said although Rehm behaved erratically at times he was never involved in an accident or traffic violation. Customers also complained about him acting oddly, he added.

The $583,000 bus, is normally used for New England fall foliage tours and national park tours and was not damaged.

If convicted on all three charges, Rehm could get 15 years in prison.

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