Man Sporting Sombrero, Boxing Glove Jumps on Cop Car, Screams His Name, Runs Away

By Edward Tan, JD on April 05, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It seems like guys named Jesse James are in the news a lot lately. First there was the guy who cheated on America's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. And now there's Jesse James Thomas, the single-boxing glove and sombrero-wearing would-be criminal.

Thomas was arrested in Sacramento, Calif., after he allegedly leapt on top of a police car and shouted his name while wearing a boxing glove and sombrero.

Take a good look at his picture here. Bonus points if you can guess what he was arrested for before reading the rest of the article below.

After announcing his name, the wannabe outlaw then allegedly jumped off the squad car and ran. He did this all, mind you, while dressed liked a crazed/confused boxer, CBS News reports.

Thomas was later found nearby lying down in the street and was subsequently arrested at 12:30 a.m.

For those of you wondering, no, this is not a model example for committing a crime.

Not only was Thomas dressed in unusually identifiable accessories, he also apparently fell asleep halfway through the getaway. That's just lazy. But such is life when you're allegedly too drunk to figure out that hassling a cop isn't a good idea.

Oh, and he told the officer his name. Why not just leave ID, too?

It'll be interesting to see the type of defense Thomas tries to put up should he decide to fight the charge. A public intoxication conviction can arguably be very easy for prosecutors to prove as it generally boils down to showing that the defendant appeared to be drunk and that he or she was in public.

Not the most scintillating of cases, for sure.

Thomas was booked on $1,000 bail at the Sacramento County Jail. No word yet on whether his boxing glove and sombrero made the trip with him unscathed.

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