Man Shows Up to DWI Hearing Drunk, Beer in Hand

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 23, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Driving while intoxicated is not the smartest move, but it doesn't automatically make you an alcoholic.

Going to court while drunk for your DWI preliminary hearing? Well, then you're likely an alcoholic and not that bright.

Meet Keith Gruber--he's got this second scenario covered.

Hailing from Swan Lake in upstate New York, Keith Gruber was arrested for another instance of driving while intoxicated. Out on bail, he was set to appear for a judge for his preliminary hearing earlier this week.

Ever the classy man, Gruber swaggered (read: stumbled) into the courthouse 1 1/2 hours late according to the Times Herald-Record. But when he hit security, he panicked.

Keith Gruber was carrying an open can of Busch beer and toting a bag with four more cans. Trying to trash his drink, security apprehended him and brought him to the judge.

Gruber was immediately thrown in jail without bail, reports the Daily News.

Gruber was probably tossed in jail for violating the conditions of his bail. When a person posts bail, they're doing so with the understanding that the failure to attend a court mandated event will result in the forfeit of that money. There are also usually conditions of release that restrict what a person can and can't do.

It's likely that Gruber's conditions required him not to drink and drive, as well as lay off the sauce.

The important part here is that when you fail to comply with conditions of bail, the judge can throw you in jail until your trial date. Keith Gruber will probably meet this fate.

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