Man in Gorilla Suit Dumps Sand in Pizzeria, Runs Away

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on December 02, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Some strange monkey business went down in a local Little Caesars pizza shop in Southgate, Michigan. A man, dressed in a gorilla suit, entered the restaurant and dumped a bag of sand onto the eatery's floor on November 25. Employees say it wasn't the first time it's happened.

What exactly spurred this act of grainy rebellion? It's unclear, especially because if the gorilla-suited man knew anything about gorillas he should know that the great ape is considered peaceful.

Oh, and they are plant-eating animals. As delicious as cheese and pizza dough are, it just isn't part of the gorilla diet.

The sand-dumping suspect could potentially be liable for crimes.

This is especially true because it appears that the ape-suited man might have stolen the sand from a local hardware store. Police said that two 50-pound bags of sand were stolen from ACO Hardware, reports The Macomb Daily. They found an empty bag of the same type of sand in the alley outside the Little Caesars restaurant.

Whether or not he can be charged with a crime for dumping sand is a different story. Most likely, if authorities catch up to the masked man they might be able to arrest him for disorderly conduct, or breach of the peace. Individuals who are behaving obnoxiously, unruly, or are otherwise breaching the peace may be arrested on this count.

It seems that charging into a place of business and dumping sand would likely qualify.

Just think about the poor employee who will probably have to spend a few hours sweeping up all those little grains of sand.

Police say the man in the gorilla suit fled the scene after he dumped the sand, according to The Macomb Daily. He got into a dark blue car driven by an accomplice, and is described as between 5'8" and 5'10".

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