Man in Beer Pong League Charged With Sex Abuse

By Brett Snider, Esq. on November 15, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Maryland man has been charged with sexual assault following allegations that he preyed on college-aged men through his beer pong league.

Joey Poindexter, 38, of Gaithersburg, has been accused by at least three men of targeting them at beer pong tournaments, drinking with them, and having non-consensual sex with them in an intoxicated state, Washington, D.C.'s WRC-TV reports.

Poindexter faces serious charges, and police suspect even more victims have yet to be discovered.

Police: Poindexter Is Beer Pong Predator

Police believe Poindexter may have attacked "as many as 10 men in the last decade," according to WRC-TV. The Baltimore Sun reports that Montgomery County police found several photos of "college-age men" in "various states of consciousness and in compromising positions" on Poindexter's phone.

The first victim to come forward alleged that Poindexter sexually assaulted him after they met at a beer pong tournament at Looney's Pub in College Park, Maryland, reports WRC-TV. After Poindexter bought "beer, shots, and a Long Island Iced Tea" at the bar, he allegedly brought the victim to his home where he later admitted to "having sex with man" while he was intoxicated.

It is possible that Poindexter will claim that the sex was consensual, although other states have found intoxication to make consent impossible.

Court records indicate that Poindexter was charged with second degree sexual offense. If found guilty, he could face anywhere between 15 years and life in prison.

Other Cases and Statute of Limitation

Police say Poindexter may have been "victimizing young adult men for approximately 10 years" at beer pong tournaments and events across the nation, according to WRC-TV. Each state has its own laws regarding rape and sexual assault, but more important may be the statute of limitations.

In Maryland, for example, there is no statute of limitations on rape or sexual assault. But in Texas, for example, certain sexual assault charges brought after 10 years may not be heard.

Cases which are not barred by the statute of limitations may eventually focus on Poindexter's conduct in the beer pong league. Jeff Barnes, an original member of the league, told the Sun that "[Poindexter] always gravitated to the younger beer-pong guys."

Poindexter is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Montgomery County District Court on November 22, and is currently being held without bail.

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