Man Drove 111 MPH to 'Go Have Sex'

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on April 30, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Zachary Ramirez was digging himself into a hole about 2 am last Saturday morning. The 21-year-old was pulled over and arrested after a traffic patrolman clocked him going 111 mph in a 45 mph zone in Naperville, Ill.

As if that wasn't enough, Ramirez responded when the officer asked him where he was headed. And as it turns out, he was speeding for sex.

Yeah, he was going 66 miles over the speed limit in a bid to get laid. It seems he thought the window of opportunity was closing fast.

Sadly, a booty call -- even if you really like the person -- is not a good excuse to speed. Barring a life or death emergency, you're pretty much required to follow traffic laws.

Zachary Ramirez apparently followed few of these laws on Saturday morning. After he sped through a red light, an officer clocked him going 104 mph, reports the Daily Herald. That officer radioed ahead. The second officer then allegedly watched Ramirez ignore a stop sign before he clocked him driving at 111 mph.

To make matters even worse, the second officer felt the need to search Ramirez's car. Whether he consented or not is unknown, but CBS reports that the officer found .2 grams of marijuana.

Maybe that's really what his alleged booty call was after. 

Zachary Ramirez has since been charged with reckless driving, possession and a few other driving-related offenses. But still, you can learn a thing or two from his behavior.

Firstly, speeding for sex is a horrible idea. And secondly, when a traffic officer asks you why you were speeding or where you were going, keep your mouth shut. Not only did Ramirez pretty much admit that he just broke a number of traffic laws, he gave such a hilarious excuse that he ended up all over the local news.

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