Man Crashes Truck into OH Adultmart to Steal $800 Life-Sized Sex Toy

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on August 26, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Brownhelm Township, Ohio seems to be plagued with an Adultmart thief, an unidentified male who managed to make off with a stolen sex toy worth $800 early Monday morning.

Prior to the incident, the thief stole a big rig from a nearby lot, which he then drove into the store.

While the truck has been recovered, the toy still remains (thankfully?) missing.

The strange thing about the incident is that this may not be the first time the Adultmart thief has robbed the sex store.

In 2009, a man drove a car into the back of the Adultmart, stole a sex toy, and then drove out the front, reports the Morning Journal.

This time, however, police were almost able to nab the suspect, who decided to back out of the store as opposed to driving through it.

They caught up to the truck a little while later, but WOIO-TV reports that the suspect managed to run off.

The stolen sex toy was nowhere to be found.

As bizarre as the situation is, the Adultmart thief committed a series of serious crimes.

Between the truck and $800 sex toy, he's liable for felony theft. Add in a little criminal destruction of property, some breaking and entering, and resisting arrest, and he's got quite a few years of jail coming his way.

And no, the Adultmart thief won't be able to take the stolen sex toy with him, which WOIO-TV reports is a "life-like masturbator complete with female genitalia with legs and buttocks."

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