Man Caught Shoplifting at 'Shop with a Cop' Charity Event

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on December 08, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Maryland man is under arrest for a daring daylight shoplifting attempt. He allegedly tried to steal more than two dozen video games -- during an in-store event called "Shop With a Cop." The store was swarming with uniformed law enforcement.

Suffice it to say that Timothy Randall Clark, 22, was not shopping with a cop when he stuffed 26 video games and other items into his clothes at a Walmart in Charles County, Md.

But Clark was met by some cops -- actually, Charles County sheriff's deputies -- in the Walmart parking lot about 11 a.m. Dec. 3.

Store security officers say they watched as Clark snuck into a back room in the big-box store and sliced open small boxes that contained PlayStation and Xbox video games, WTTG-TV reports.

Clark allegedly stuffed the games into his pants and sweatshirt, where he also tried to hide two game controllers and other accessories. His attempt at an illegal layaway rang up to more than $635.

With 50 law-enforcement officers taking part in "Shop With a Cop" that morning, Clark didn't stand much of a chance. As he walked toward the exit, security officers alerted shopping sheriff's deputies, who took a break from their duties of spreading holiday cheer.

Clark was arrested, and faces charges of theft. Prosecutors will now have to prove Clark intended to steal the items -- but Clark could try to claim a defense. Perhaps he was super-intoxicated and didn't know he was stealing, for example. But considering he was at a Walmart, and in light of witness accounts, Clark will probably face a fine and maybe some jail time.

"Shop With a Cop" is a nationwide charity program, with the goal of building better relations between law-enforcement and young people. The young Mr. Clark may want to mark his calendar to make sure he stays well away from next year's event.

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