Man Caught 'Double Texting' With Hands, Knees

By Andrew Lu on April 08, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Alabama sheriff's deputies say they caught a guy "double texting" while driving. Just what exactly is double texting? In this case, it was a guy texting with both his hands and his knees.

Sheriff's deputies pulled over Dandre Moore while he was driving through an Alabama tunnel. The 19-year-old was allegedly text messaging with both his hands and knees, a feat the young man says that he has been performing since the age of 15, reports NBC News.

But it wasn't the young man's dexterity that really caught the attention of police. Instead, it was what officers observed inside the car.

Let us recount the lessons from Moore's arrest. First, text messaging while driving is very dangerous. Text messaging with your hands and knees is doubly dangerous.

On top of that, text massaging while driving with a 3-year-old in the back seat is irresponsible.

And finally, text messaging while allegedly driving with thousands of dollars' worth of drugs in your car is just plain stupid.

Deputies say they spotted a young child in the back seat of the vehicle along with two female passengers, reports NBC News. Upon further investigation, deputies also discovered $4,500 worth of prescription drugs.

A male front-seat passenger was also busted for allegedly stashing an ounce of marijuana in his underwear.

Generally, after a valid traffic stop, officers can search a driver's vehicle if the driver gives consent or if officers have reasonable suspicion of something illegal. If you don't give consent, officers may have some leeway to conduct a warrantless search of the vehicle. All they typically need is a hunch that your car may contain illegal contraband or dangerous weapons to conduct this search.

And because a car is so mobile, courts have upheld warrantless searches of vehicles in many cases, under an exception to the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. To avoid any problems, an officer may simply detain you while another officer obtains a search warrant.

It wasn't reported if the police officers had a search warrant to search Moore's vehicle. Nevertheless, the double texting teenager was charged with illegal possession of the prescription drugs and illegal possession of a controlled substance.

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