Man Attacked Women with Sword, Peanut Butter Sandwich

By Andrew Lu on July 09, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Be careful when knocking on doors.

You never know who might answer. And you never know what you might be attacked with.

Two Florida women banged on a man's trailer door. An angry man answered and responded with a sword attack on one woman and peanut butter sandwich attack on the other. Which woman got the worst of the attack is surprising.

If confronted with a sword or peanut butter sandwich attack, most of us would probably opt for the peanut butter sandwich. However, that was not the case in Polk County, Florida, when 50-year-old Mark Miller stormed out of his trailer to confront the two women with his sword in one hand and his lunch in the other, reports the United Press International.

Confronting the pregnant woman with the sword first, Miller attempted to poke the woman in her stomach. Perhaps due to maternal instincts, the expecting mother grabbed the weapon before Miller could cause any harm.

Unsuccessful with his sword attack, Miller then focused his energies on the other woman and smeared his peanut butter sandwich on her face, reports UPI.

Police eventually arrived at the scene and Mark Miller was arrested. He probably faces assault and battery charges. For the sword attack, he likely only faces "attempt" charges as he was unsuccessful in his efforts. For the peanut butter sandwich attack, Miller could face more serious charges as he actually struck the woman in her face.

After being placed in the squad car, Miller may have had his first dose of reality. Missing his peanut butter sandwich lunch, the man began eating the padding inside the police patrol car.

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