'Making a Murderer' Lawyer Acquitted for Felony Meowing

By George Khoury, Esq. on December 13, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Brendan Dassey's court appointed attorney, Len Kachinsky, was recently acquitted on felony stalking charges.

And while it's rather shocking he faced those charges to begin with, particularly as he had become a municipal judge in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin, one of the allegations just defies all credulity, unless you know more about Len. Apparently, the now infamous former attorney has a habit of meowing, and he admitted it.

Meow What's Going on Here?

While this sounds funny from the outside, for the victim of it all, the conduct certainly had to be alarming, or, at the very least, creepy. Allegedly, while sitting behind her, Len meowed several times. Yes, meowed like a cat. Luckily for him, character witnesses explained this conduct as just one of his usual unusual quirks. He liked to meow randomly. Additionally, he sent her odd messages on Facebook, and claimed to know private info about her family. That's less funny and way creepier.

And while the above could just be creepy and inappropriate social and workplace conduct, other actions seemed much more menacing. It was alleged that, while the two were alone in an office, after she had filed a complaint against him, he knocked things off her desk and asked if she was afraid of him.

Meow What's Next?

He explained that the stalking charges could simply be chalked up to a personality conflict between the two of them. And a jury acquitted him on the charges. He hopes to return to work and has filed a motion to seek reinstatement to the bench, as he was suspended while the criminal matter was ongoing.

In that motion, he asserts that the reason for the suspension is now gone, and that any disciplinary action would likely result, at worst, in suspension shorter than the term he has already been suspended for. While he clearly would like to get back to work, he also expressed concerns about facing a hostile environment upon his return. Fortunately, at least it's rather unlikely that he'll be barked at.

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