LSU Law Student Pulled Before IP Class, Arrested for Forcible Rape

By William Peacock, Esq. on September 20, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Louisiana State University law student was pulled right outside Intellectual Property class on Wednesday and arrested by officers on accusations of forcible rape, reports LSU's Daily Reveille. His bond has since been set at $100,000.

The arrest came after the female victim reported to police that Abdellatif Devol had forced himself upon her at his apartment, after the two went out for drinks, and after she refused to have sexual intercourse. Per the Reveille, "she was discovered to have scratches on her wrists, neck and breasts consistent with sexual assault."

Devol also apologized to the victim in a controlled phone call monitored by police officers.

The university has not yet decided on disciplinary actions, but if Devol is convicted of forcible rape, he faces a sentence of between five and forty years, with a minimum of two years served before probation, parole, or suspended sentence.

Even without a conviction, this arrest could have negative implications on Devol's legal career. For one, even if he is able to return to school, and finish his degree, he'll have to do so with rape accusations, and possible charges, hanging over his head. After he finishes school, he'll have to face the character and fitness examination required by the state bar.

Louisiana's Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions considers "[a]rrests or criminal charges, whether or not resulting in a conviction." Even with "innocent until proven guilty," or if charges are dropped or he is acquitted, this is almost certainly a red flag in the screening process.

Considering we've seen friends have their admission delayed due to underage drinking and public urination offenses, we'd imagine getting through the C&F process will be a likely ordeal.

Then again, he may never get there. There is, after all, the controlled phone call and the reported physical evidence consistent with the victim's accusations.

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