Love Your Lawyer Day Is A-Okay

By George Khoury, Esq. on November 02, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Every year, on the first Friday of November, Love Your Lawyer Day just gets better and better, at least for the lawyers that are loved. It's pretty much one big marketing holiday, and given how dreaded legal marketing is, you should be willing to take all the help you can get.

People are generally friendlier, the amount of online vitriol is generally less (or at least drowned out by the love), and if you happen to get called out for it on social, it could actually boost your social cred. And let's face it, social media is a big deal and can be an effective way to maintain a marketing presence in front of potential legal consumers.

Not Seeing Any Love?

If you haven't calendared Love Your Lawyer Day as a recurring annual event, you're making one mistake. And if you don't also have a recurring event on your calendar one week ahead of Love Your Lawyer Day to post something worthwhile on social media, you're making another mistake. And if you don't email this blog post to your significant other and family members at least two weeks before love your lawyer day, you're making, yet again, another mistake.

If you have some followers, it's a simple recipe: Craft an awesome social media post, be it a blog, an info-graphic, a cool picture with a quote and some branding, and post it a week or so ahead of Love Your Lawyer Day. Then, in the day before, or day of, Love Your Lawyer Day, "share" or "retweet" the official Love Your Lawyer Day info. And you're basically hoping that it works out to one of your followers putting it all together and sharing their "love" for you.

How to Celebrate?

As lawyers, we shouldn't shy away from celebrating the other lawyers in our lives. After all, just because you're a lawyer, doesn't mean you don't need a lawyer. And why not tell the lawyers you love that they are loved. If you do so via social media, you may also be able to up your chances of getting noticed by a legal consumer who might share a Love Your Lawyer day post about you.

Also, while you're at it, why not celebrate yourself a little bit. Take a long lunch, maybe do a little online shopping, or schedule a massage, vacation, or some down time.

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