'Love Land' Sex Theme Park Torn Down in China

By David Goguen on May 26, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Amusement Park's Erection is Rudely Interrupted by City-Ordered Demolition

Naked models. Sex technique workshops. Giant plastic replicas of genitals. A typical Saturday night at Charlie Sheen's house circa 1997? No, we're talking about a sex-themed amusement park in China that was ordered torn down before construction could be completed.

Think of Love Land as China's answer to Disneyland, if the question was "How can we make a lewd and wildly unpopular version of Disneyland?"

The park was set to open in October in the city of Chongqing, on the Yangtze River. But local officials were up in arms over what they were seeing during construction, and last week ordered the demolition of Love Land, calling the project "vulgar and misleading," according to BBC News.

Vulgar? Maybe. But there's nothing misleading about the gigantic G-string-clad lower half of a female mannequin that had to be carried off by seven men, as seen in this photo from the New York Times.

Love Land manager Lu Xiaoqing apparently saw himself as doing a sort of sexual favor for the area. The New York Times quotes Lu as saying that the park -- which was to feature sex lessons and instruction on condom use -- was being built "for the good of the public."

There's no denying that a new park generally does offer a world of positives for a local citizenry. But it becomes a bit of a philanthropic gray area when you can't turn around in that park without tripping over plastic, car-sized private parts.

So at Love Land, it was all over before it ever really got started, but it's no big deal. Really. It happens to a lot of theme parks. Look, can we just talk about this tomorrow?

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