Lohan Harvard Prank Makes Lawyers Thankful for April Fools Day

By George Khoury, Esq. on April 03, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Lawyers and law students, you can all take a collective sigh of relief now: Mercifully, despite what she tweeted out on April 1, Lindsay Lohan will not be speaking at the Harvard Law School commencement. Nor will she be speaking at Cambridge, nor Oxford. Thank Loki!

Whether Lohan was in on the elaborate spring time ruse, or was the target of some jovial jester, may never truly be known. Though, to her credit, she did use a very flowery, spring-timey, Snapchat filter, which arguably suggests she was in on the April Fools Day prank all along. Harvard Law School issued a response to a media inquiry stating: "There is no factual basis to that claim."

Loki Lohan

While many of us hoped, wished, and prayed that Lohan's partnership with Lawyer.com was part of some drawn out April Fools Day prank, given the proximity of the announcement to the less than popular holiday, unfortunately that didn't pan out. Curiously though, Lohan's Harvard Law School prank may be rather apropos to her new position as a spokesperson for Lawyer.com.

Regardless of what actual lawyers think, the prank did put her in both the public and legal professional spotlight. The prank may have been the first time many people found out that Lohan is trying to be the new face of Lawyer.com, and for many others, it may have been the first time they ever heard of the website. If Lohan's trying to make headlines in legal circles, then mission accomplished.

Loki Law Firm

If you thought briefly about playing an April Fools prank on the public, unless it's light-hearted, non-partisan, funny, and part of a well-executed social media campaign, you might want to think twice. And then, if the idea still hasn't been shook, think about even more, as revenge can be served via endless pizza deliveries to your law practice.

Furthermore, if you're planning a prank just for the office, consider how it will be received. While you may think it'll be funny and a good way to boost morale, it could spectacularly backfire, cause panic, and a loss of productivity.

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