Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Attacker Will Not Face Charges

By Andrew Lu on October 01, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Congressional staffer accused by Lindsay Lohan of attacking her in a hotel room will not face charges. Christian LaBella, 25, an aide to Illinois Rep. John Shimkus, has been released from custody and his arrest will be voided, police told Fox News.

LaBella and Lohan allegedly got into an altercation over cell phone photos of the actress. Judging from LaBella's Facebook page, the man is a fanboy who likes getting his picture taken with celebs, Fox News reports.

However, Lohan apparently thought that LaBella was intruding in her private space with pictures of the actress partying, and the two got into a tussle. During the argument, Lohan accused LaBella of choking her. The cops were called and LaBella was taken into custody.

But a short time later, police said that Lohan's allegations could not be substantiated and LaBella was released. His arrest will be voided, which means, legally speaking, it never happened. "No assault occurred and no one will be arrested," a police spokesman told the Los Angeles Times.

Lohan and LaBella may still try to seek harassment charges against each other, reports Fox News. This just means that instead of physical contact (i.e., choking), LaBella or Lohan just annoyed, threatened, or alarmed each other through actions like following, stalking, communicating, or otherwise being a pest.

It's been a long, strange trip for Lohan in New York City. The actress seems to be a magnet for trouble and just last week was involved in a car accident in which she allegedly hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian had claimed that Lohan was drunk, but the evidence does not appear to support those claims, and Lohan threatened to sue over that comment. Now the actress is fighting fanboys in her hotel room.

While neither of these NYC incidents may lead to criminal charges or prosecution, Lohan's hard-partying ways are still generating headlines and trouble for the young actress.

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