Lindsay Lohan White Dress: How Not to Dress for Court

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 11, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

One would think that, after Lindsay Lohan was skewered by the media for the delightful message she painted on her fingernail during a July court appearance, she would have a little bit more sense when choosing her court attire this time around. But no, the proper way to dress for court seems to have escaped her yet again. Perhaps the memo got lost on the way to rehab?

To Lindsay Lohan, court is just another fashion show. She's repeatedly shown up in inappropriate clothing--black lacy shirts, low cut button-ups, short skirts, hooker heels, and her own clothing line. Back in court to plead not guilty to charges of felony grand theft that stem from recent allegations that she stole an overpriced necklace, she demonstrated a whole new understanding of how not to dress for court.

Clad in a short, tight and white dress, Lindsay Lohan made her way into a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday. The news media immediately caught on, decrying the Lindsay Lohan white dress as inappropriate. The amount of bare leg, when paired with the patent leather pumps and big glasses, belong in a night club, points out People. And they're right.

The inability to dress for court isn't helping Lindsay Lohan. Court rules often include a dress code--for attorneys, participants, juries and spectators. Courts are places of professionalism, where justice is carried out. The judges and the proceedings deserve respect. Those who fail to dress respectfully may be held in contempt, which may include fines and jail time. As a defendant, the likelihood of Lindsay Lohan finding herself in trouble for her clothing is increased.

Now, the best part of the white dress episode is Lindsay's rationale for her attire. She chose to wear the white dress because the color stands for innocence and purity. She was sending a message.

Here's a better message for Lindsay Lohan: White dress? Get rid of it. It isn't fooling anyone.

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