Lindsay Lohan Joins as Spokesperson

By George Khoury, Esq. on March 21, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In what is clearly an attempt to garner media buzz and increase brand recognition, has decided to enlist the help of an "intriguing" celebrity spokesperson: Lindsay Lohan. brought on Lohan for an exclusive 12 month partnership (endorsement) deal, where the celeb will also serve as a marketing and brand adviser. And while the deal is sure to be successful at attracting the eyes of the public, countless lawyers are all asking themselves the same few rhetorical questions:

  • Really?
  • You're kidding me?
  • You can't be serious?

This Is Not a Joke

Surprisingly, there is no indication that is orchestrating a giant April Fools Day prank. If they are, kudos are in order. It certainly seems that this would be the smartest move given Lohan's questionable history and her propensity for repeat offenses. It's not like Lohan's criminal history is one to be proud of, or even impress others. Unlike some celebrities, she isn't known for beating her criminal charges. She seems to end up pleading to some charge and facing real consequences. She's racked up repeated DUIs, which she clearly jokes about in the video published announcing her engagement as a spokesperson for

However, all signs point to this being a real partnership of sorts. In fact, on the website, it is explained that Lohan actually has an option to become a "substantial" part owner of the company included in her compensation package. Additionally, Lohan will meet monthly and brainstorm ways to reach consumers, including leveraging her 20 million social media followers. Curiously absent from Lohan's debut video for the platform is any mention of her ever using the service.

Driving (DUI) Traffic

Notably, most everyone is aware of the fact that Lindsay Lohan has encountered plenty of her own legal trouble, or as they call it in the industry, legal drama. Most of her drama has involved criminal charges relating to drugs and alcohol and driving, and then her repeated failures to abide by the terms of her probation.

For a consumer audience, Lohan as a spokesperson may actually prove helpful at increasing the brand visibility, particularly for younger legal consumers. However, that increased visibility will likely cost Lohan many of her social media followers as pop culture and legal advertising go together like oil and water.

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