Lil' Wayne's Posse Fights NFL's Dez Bryant at Fla. Nightclub

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on January 23, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Some fightin' words at a Miami Beach nightclub led to a scuffle between rapper Lil' Wayne and NFL player Dez Bryant last weekend.

The fight started when someone at the Florida club heckled Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant about his poor performance on the field this season, the New York Post reports.

The heckler also mocked Bryant for his mounting personal debts. A finance company is suing Bryant for an unpaid loan of more than $50,000, the Post reports.

It's not clear who made the insulting comments, but Bryant didn't take it lightly.

Dez Bryant got into a fight -- apparently, with rapper Lil' Wayne and his entourage, MTV News reports. Police broke up the brawl, and placed Bryant in handcuffs. He was quickly released without arrest.

Bar fights are nothing new in Miami Beach -- which may be why police didn't even write up the Dez Bryant-Lil' Wayne incident. But the parties may still have some options to pursue legal claims.

Under Florida law, either side could report the fight as a criminal battery to allege an intentional, harmful touching without consent. They could also seek charges for assault, which in Florida is just a threat that makes a victim fear imminent harm.

In their defense, the parties could try to claim they acted in self-defense or in defense of another person. But as of yet, no one has pressed charges.

Both Lil' Wayne and Dez Bryant have remained silent about the nightclub fight, but Bryant's mentor David Wells spoke out in Bryant's defense. "Dez is a good guy. Sometimes he gets into situations where people don't understand, but he's a good guy, a good kid," Wells told Dallas' KDFW-TV.

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