Lawyer Wants Out of Usher's Herpes Drama

By William Vogeler, Esq. on October 31, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Lisa West was the go-to lawyer if you wanted to sue Usher, but now she's gone. 

West represented his ex-wife in divorce proceedings, and has been representing a woman who says Usher gave her a sexually transmitted disease. 

Now the lawyer wants off the case, saying she can no longer "effectively represent" her client. It's news because Usher is a high-profile singer, but inquiring minds want to know the story behind any lawyer-client meltdown.

The Client's Story

Laura Helm wanted $20 million from the singer, who has a history of legal drama. In the latest case, three individuals -- two women and one man -- allege that he had sexual contact with them but didn't tell them he had herpes.

Helm has a similar story, but it took an unexpected twist when her lawyer filed a motion to withdraw from the case. Helm reportedly fired her lawyer.

According to TMZ, Helm is not sure about continuing the case. Usher's lawyer has already filed a motion to dismiss.

The Lawyer's Story

That is not the whole story, of course.

West, who practices in Atlanta, has taken on Usher before. She also has a reputation as a tough attorney, who even challenged a judge about a conflict and won on appeal.

So it is curious that West filed to get out of a case when she has shown her staying power against powerful opponents. Maybe Usher made Helm an offer she couldn't refuse? Maybe Helm wanted to cut her lawyer out of the deal?

Even stranger things can happen in the celebrity world.

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