Lawyer Skills Help Get Refunded 'Hamilton' Tickets

By William Vogeler, Esq. on January 18, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Alexander Hamilton was famous for many things, but not for singing.

As a Founding Father and first Secretary of the Treasury, he organized the nation's financial system. Today, however, Hamilton is also famous for a Broadway musical in his name.

But his legacy does not end there. A personal injury lawyer added his two cents to the man on the $10 bill.

A Hamilton Principle

Joshua P. Davis, a Texas attorney, sued to get a refund on his "Hamilton" tickets. He wasn't a critic; he just bought tickets for the wrong date.

According to the Texas Lawyer, Davis tried to reverse the online transaction but couldn't. He said Ticketmaster wouldn't let him change the date or refund his money.

So faster than a dueling Texan, Davis fired off a lawsuit. He demanded $2,325, and Ticketmaster paid him.

After the settlement, Davis said he felt "Hamiltonian." In the musical, he said, Hamilton often writes in anger and is rewarded.

"An Affair of Honor"

Of course, Hamilton didn't always win. In 1804, Burr bested him in a duel.

It was a real-life battle, an "affair of honor," over Hamilton's vocal attacks on Burr. On that July morning, legend has it that Hamilton shot first into the air as a sign of protest.

Another witness said Hamilton simply missed. Spoiler alert: there was no encore.

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