Lawyer Blames Hacker for Firm's Offensive Facebook Post

By William Vogeler, Esq. on February 04, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

"A hacker did it."

Not to be judgmental, but that could be the weakest excuse since the dog ate your homework. However, that is the excuse given by an attorney from Florida whose Facebook account featured a rather distasteful post. The attorney made clear that he considered the post to be "disgusting."

He Said, Hacker Said

According to reports, attorney Albert Sauline's Facebook post offered sympathy and legal services to drunks in compromising situations. The post said:

"Drunk in the middle of the night, all because the woman led you on all night for free drinks then wouldn't keep her promise after the Club? Call Attorney Sauline ... where we understand the tease."

The Panama City News Herald reported that several Sauline posts were "offbeat." One said to call the firm "when you drink too much, and finally hit that one relative you absolutely despise."

Sauline told the newspaper that an out-of-state company writes his social media posts. He also said it looked like someone hacked the site.

"Disgusting" Post

To his credit, Sauline followed up with a disclaimer. He said the "disgusting post" was removed immediately.

Michelle Jordan, another lawyer, commented on "the tease" and tagged the Florida Bar's Facebook page. She said no wonder women are leaving the legal profession.

"Every female lawyer that I know deals with this," she said. "We encounter it every day."

Well, not that "disgusting" Facebook post anymore. It looks like a dog ate it.

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