Lawn Mower DWI: NC Man on Mower Hit by 2 Cars

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on August 19, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Lawn mower DWI charges have been filed against Lexington, North Carolina's Perry Weaver, a man who managed to get himself hit by two cars late Monday evening while driving his mower on the side of a roadway.

Luckily, all parties appear to be in good health after the incident, with Weaver walking away with only a few bumps and scrapes.

His mower, however, likely did not fare as well.

At this point, State Troopers have no clue as to whether Perry Weaver was mowing or driving while on the side of the road, though they do know that, at some point, he managed to weave onto the roadway.

A Toyota trailing behind him was unable to slow down, reports The Dispatch, causing a crash that sent Weaver flying off the mower.

A car traveling behind the Toyota did not see the accident, running over Weaver as he laid in the road.

As if being hit by two cars wasn't enough, the North Caroline Highway Patrol cited Weaver for driving while intoxicated.

As odd as it sounds, a lawn mower DWI fits perfectly within most state statutes.

Generally speaking, DWI laws can apply to any sort of contraption that transports a human from one place to another.

This could mean a lawn mower, a horse and buggy, a bicycle, a boat, and even a motorized arm chair.

There's that one story about a motorized barstool, too.

So the next time you decide to hop on any motorized or horse-driven contraption after a few beers, think about Perry Weaver and his lawn mower DWI. Not only did he get hit with a ticket--he plain ol' got hit.

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