LawBrain, the Legal Wiki: 11 Fun Facts

By Neetal Parekh on May 24, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

If you are a tech-savvy law student or legal associate, you are probably well aware of the power of wikis--whether to learn or to share. Wikis essentially 'open-source' knowledge by making entries editable by all users. Wikis have become popular in niche settings (i.e. to share knowledge about all things Twilight) and as living encyclopedias of information.

And now there is a new wiki that is live and ready-to-use. Wrap your astute legal minds around a wiki that is a living legal community making laws accessible and interactive.

LawBrain. It's a repository of thousands of articles spanning law news, legal definitions and concepts, legislation, law-related events, and legal figures and scholars...and more. What makes LawBrain all the more interesting is that it is openly editable by, well, you.

Intrigued? Here are a few fun facts about LawBrain, including info on how to get started.

11 fun facts about LawBrain:

  1. LawBrain launched in February 2010
  2. LawBrain is home to over 5000 pages of information, and growing.
  3. LawBrain has over 20,230 page edits to date
  4. LawBrain's 3 most popular articles currently are : Tort Law, Brown v. Board of Education, and First Amendment
  5. LawBrain has a unique "opinion tab" so you can share your opinion on an article too: i.e. what do you think about the new health care law? How about the Arizona Immigration Bill?
  6. LawBrain has over 100 stub articles that need your help!
  7. LawBrain's 5 most recent new articles are: Judicial activism, European Union, REAL ID Act, Sedona Principles, and Sedona Conference
  8. LawBrain lets you create a watchlist so you can follow changes in selected articles
  9. LawBrain gives you a shot at glory---i.e. being featured as a "Top Contributor" on the homepage
  10. LawBrain has a Random page option = hours of fun
  11. LawBrain is only as accurate, relevant, and timely as its user, log in & get started!

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